Utahns Speak Out On Their Water Future

Wikimedia Commons--Roger McLassus
Wikimedia Commons–Roger McLassus

(KCPW–August 14, 2013)  Utahns use a lot of water. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates domestic water consumption is 186 gallons per person each day—about three bathtubs worth. That’s about 40% higher than neighboring states such as Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. With a population that is expected to increase dramatically over the next few decades, the need for water will only grow. With this in mind, Governor Gary Herbert is doing a listening tour across the state to better understand what Utahns think are the most important water issues we will face. The comments will form the basis of a report to the Governor that will be presented in October. The tour was in Salt Lake City Tuesday night, where 80% of the comments focused on the need to better conserve water. Kim Schuske compiled this audio postcard of what people had to say.

To submit and on-line comment: http://www.utahswater.org

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