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Weber County Invites Lawmakers to ‘Dine and Shoot’ Event

(KCPW News) Weber County Commissioners have invited all 104 of Utah’s lawmakers to a so-called “dine-and-shoot” in Ogden.

Wearing a white, bullet-proof vest on the House Floor of the State Capitol Ogden Republican Representative Jeremy Peterson reminded the assembled House about the invitation.

“Tonight we have a special invitation from Weber County [to] a dine-and-shoot,” Peterson said.

“I don’t own a gun myself – so I own a bullet-proof vest.”

The event is meant to draw attention to Ogden’s Swanson Tactical Training Center, whose owners hope to sell the facility to Weber County.

State funding could be used to help make that purchase.

Representative Peterson joked that there would be something for everyone at the event.

“Everyone’s invited and there will be food,” he said.

“Bring your own gun; if you don’t own one, like myself, you can hold up the targets for everyone else, who brought theirs.”

House Majority Leader Brad Dee, also of Ogden, felt compelled to clarify that Peterson was indeed making a joke.

“I might make mention that there are no plans at the activity in Weber County tonight to let anyone hold a target for anyone else…though there have been some suggestions,” Dee said to laughter.

The antics came on the second day of the state legislative session, a day dominated mainly by procedural motions and budgetary meetings.

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