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SLC Council Looks for Ways to Act on Air Quality Woes

(Source: Salt Lake City Council)
(Source: Salt Lake City Council)

(KCPW News) The Utah legislature saw a renewed focus on air quality bills this year, but results were mixed. While Governor Gary Herbert signed bills requiring more fuel-efficient state-owned vehicles, bills that would’ve made it easier to adjust EPA air quality restrictions never made it to his desk.

By now, many Utahns have momentarily forgotten about the nasty effects of the inversion. But the Salt Lake City Council wants to make sure the issue stays on the agenda. That’s why on Tuesday the Council invited an Air Quality Fact Finding Panel to the weekly work session.

The assembled group of council members, experts, and policymakers convened to discuss the state of air quality in Utah. KCPW’s Ryan Cunningham listened in and has this report.

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