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Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: 2-Minute Speech Competition


photo 1The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: Apr. 30, 2014) – Each semester the Hinckley Institute of Politics offers a political forums series class that exposes University of Utah students to diverse perspectives on current events and political and social issues.  These students attend many of the talks featured on this program, recorded in the Hinckley Caucus Room on the university campus. This class also challenges students to improve their own public speaking skills, and this spring they were each asked to deliver a 2-minute speech in front of their classmates on any topic of their choice.  To entice them to perform well cash prizes were promised for the top three speakers.  Their speeches were evaluated by their peers and a panel of faculty judges for delivery, credibility, clarity of speaking, succinctness, use of emotion, and other qualities that make a good speech. Many of the 2-minute speeches featured are funny, but some are serious, some are thoughtful, and some are incredibly honest.  These speeches were recorded on April 4th, and 11th, 2014. The order of speakers are as follows:

Sabrina Dawson

McKell Ashcroft
How to Identify and Avoid Hipsters

Richard Buck

Daniel Sloan
Seeing Double

David Broderick
Never Doubt The Creatures Among Us

Carter Foulger

Alexandra Tomassetti
What Your Server Really Thinks of You

Emily Glende
Ups of Being Down

Katie Pudge
Selfie: How personal photography has become a modern expression of humanity

Mitchell Menlove
The Ukraine Situation: What the Western Media is Getting Horribly Wrong

James Patterson
The Tribe Has Spoken: Survivor and Why it Matters

Sharmista Sharma
Avoiding Life Traps

Nikko Lilomaiava
Nikko vs. Spring Semester 2014

Ericka Sieger
Batman: A Journey

Rachel Wooton
Science and Policy

Connor Yakattis
When the Youth run

Brian Smith
The Most Ordinary Man in the World

Dane Hawkins
When the Drug Use Takes Its Toll

Katharine Crawford
Public speaking: not for the faint of heart

Julie Clark

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