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The Bottom Line: CHG Healthcare Services CEO, Michael Weinholtz – Part 2


WeinholtzThe Bottom Line (Air Date: July 29, 2014) – (Part 2 of 2-part interview) Michael Weinholtz is the CEO of CHG Healthcare Services, the nation’s leading provider of physicians and nurses for short term staffing needs, a term the industry calls locum tenens.  In 2013, CHG placed more than 10,000 medical providers across the nation who provided care to approximately 17 million patients.  Salt Lake City-based CHG employs over 1,750 people company-wide, is privately owned and generates over a half a billion dollars a year in revenues.  Weinholtz shares his thoughts on CHG’s early decision to provide benefits to same sex married couples, and his personal support of progressive political issues.   Weinholtz talks about his early entrepreneurial efforts with physician staffing with a company called Therapist Unlimited in 1992.  He also explains the reasoning behind the company’s decision not to go public.  Weinholtz also shares his background working as third generation auto factory worker in Buffalo, New York, and what it taught him about leadership.

The Bottom Line
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