Audit Raises Concerns over Economic Incentive Program

The Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City.
The Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City.

(KCPW News) A committee at the state legislature on Tuesday heard findings from an audit on the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)—and those findings were less than complimentary.

The Office of the Utah State Audit expressed concerns about a lack of oversight in a corporate incentive program. GOED has awarded over $600 million in incentives to companies that pledge to add jobs and revenue to Utah’s economy. While GOED claims the program has achieved much success, auditors worry that the office is inconsistent in how it treats different companies.

Here now is an audio postcard from today’s legislative hearing, compiled by KCPW’s Ryan Cunningham. We start with state auditor John Dougall, offering his presentation to state lawmakers.

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