The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour: Utah Energy Development – Politics, Policies, and Opportunities


IMG_5372The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air date: December 23, 2015) — Energy is a $21 billion business for Utah.  Laura Nelson is Executive Director of the Office of Energy Development, the office leading Gov. Herbert’s 10-year Energy plan.  She spoke about the politics, the policies, and the opportunities Utah faces for developing energy – both fossil fuels and renewable resources.  She also spoke about the environmental challenges Utah is confronting.  Laura Nelson spoke to a group of University of Utah students on Nov. 18, 2015.

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour
The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour is a weekly program featuring forums on local, national, and international issues important to people living in Utah. The program airs every Wednesday at 10 AM and Saturday at 9 AM. Hosted by Anthony Scoma, the program highlights and contextualizes the forums presented by the Hinckley Institute of Politics every fall and spring semester at the University of Utah. Produced by KCPW Studios
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