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The Daily Buzz from Sundance 2016: Day 2 (1/23/2016)


Tune into Episode Two of the Daily Buzz at Sundance 2016 with John Wildman, Kim Voynar and Irene Cho on the ground in Park City. Today’s Hot Topics Roundtable features Tim League (Alamo Drafthouse), Gary Meyer (Telluride Film Festival), Ira Deutchman (Emerging Pictures/Columbia University), Holly Herrick (Austin Film Society) and Erik Childress (eFilmCritic.com) who bring our audience up to speed on the Arthouse Convergence and discuss festival must sees. Documentary filmmakers, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato stop by our studio to talk about with their latest project at Sundance, MAPPLETHORPE: LOOK AT THE PICTURES. The film centers around iconic photographer, Robert Mapplethrope. We are introduced to the world of “furries” via Slamdance director, Dominic Rodriguez and his feature, FURSONAS and finish the hour with a conversation about the world of VR (Virtual Reality) highlighting New Frontier directors, NOTES ON BLINDNESS.

Daily Buzz
The Daily Buzz from the Sundance Film Festival was an recurring series, recorded on-site in Park City, Utah during Sundance and featuring interviews with some of the most important voices in the entertainment industry, including directors, actors, producers, festival directors and journalists in the independent film world. It aired during Sundance from 2014-2020.
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