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Unexpected Minorities in the U.S. Military


(Air dates: November 15 ~ 18, 2017) — In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Hinckley Institute hosted a conversation about “Unexpected Minorities” serving in the U.S. Armed Forces both historically and presently. Moderator Matt Basso, an associate professor of history and gender studies, leads a discussion about the many barriers ethnic, or religious, or LGBT minorities face as they try to serve and protect their country.

The panelists include: Sanu Bati, a computer science student at the University of Utah who served in U.S. infantry from 2001 to 2005; Hasib Hussainzada, a Westminster  student who immigrated from Afghanistan and currently serves in U.S. Army; and Diane Akiyama whose father served in the Japanese-American 442 Regimental Combat Team during WWII.

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