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Talking to Conservatives Effectively about Climate Change


(Air dates: November 22 ~ 25, 2017) — Climate change is among the most politicized and, sadly, polarized scientific issues in recent years. Surveys on the divide of climate change acceptance show that on average Conservative Republicans are much less likely to trust the science of climate change than Liberal Democrats.

Former South Carolinian Republican Congressman Bob Inglis lost his seat in the 2010 Tea Party wave largely because of his public stance on taking action on climate change. Inglis has since become a vocal advocate for Conservatives to accept the science behind climate change and to take meaningful action. He speaks about his own process of acceptance of the science of climate change, and how to speak effectively to Conservatives about climate change in ways that resonate with them. His organization is RepublicEN.org. His talk was recorded on November 3, 2017

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