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Panel on Homelessness in Salt Lake City and Updates to Operation Rio Grande


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Air dates: March 7 ~ 10, 2018) —The Hinckley Institute recently hosted a panel addressing Homelessness in Salt Lake City and updates to Operation Rio Grande.

The panelists included:

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, Spencer J. Cox was sworn in as Utah’s 8th Lieutenant Governor on October 16, 2013. As Lieutenant Governor, he serves as the chief election officer, liaison between the governor and the state legislature, and serves on 20 committees and commissions, chairing 12 of them. In recent years and months, he has taken the lead on issues related to homelessness, intergenerational poverty, and suicide, among others.

Pamela Atkinson, Pamela Atkinson is a renowned philanthropist in Utah and an advocate for people experiencing homelessness, refugees and low-income families. She has served as an advisor to the last three governors of Utah and is an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church. Even with all of those responsibilities, she still personally volunteers her time among Utah’s poorest people and counts them as her friends.

Kathy Bray, Kathy Bray has spent decades working with runaway and homeless youth, addiction issues and subsidized housing. She has worked for Volunteers of America, Utah for 19 years, starting in program operations, and for the last decade as the President and CEO. Kathy is also a memberof the County and State Homeless Coordinating Committees, Substance Abuse Provider Network, Utah Nonprofit Association and is a Commissioned Minister of Volunteers of America.

Matt Melville, Matt Melville is the Director of Homeless Services for Catholic Community Services of Utah.  He oversees the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall and Weigand Homeless Resource Center. He has been working for CCS for the past five years.  Born and raised in Utah, he is very passionate about local issues and helping our underserved populations. He is a graduate of the U, where he completed a local and international internship through the Hinckley Institute. He is a member of Salt Lake’s Collective Impact on Homelessness Steering Committee.

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