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Examining Utah’s Urban-Rural Divide


The Hinckley Institute of Politics recently hosted a panel addressing the Utah Rural-Urban Divide with students of the Honors College Praxis Lab attending in the audience. The panel examines how the divide between rural and urban Utah creates challenges for the State and its residents. 

The Praxis Lab draws students from all disciplines to collaborate on innovative, project-based solutions to pressing societal challenges. Utah’s rural-urban divide is among the 3 topics chosen for the Praxis Lab to address this year.

For context, the 2016 election put into sharp contrast the political and social divisions that exist between rural and urban areas in this country. Even here in Utah, we see marked social, political, and policy divergence between areas of urban growth, like Salt Lake and Utah counties, and rural areas of the state that are struggling to retain jobs and residents. Understanding the nature of this divide and determining what can be done to bridge the gap is ultimately what participants in this year’s Praxis Lab are trying to tackle.

The panelists include:
Lynn Pace, Deputy Salt Lake City Attorney; Juliette Tennert, Director of Economic and Public Policy Research at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute;  Dr. Jason Taylor, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, and Policy; and the conversation was moderated by Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox.

The panel was recorded on April 2nd, 2018.

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