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Ballot Ready 2018: Proposition 2 – the Medical Marijuana Initiative


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — With election day approaching, the Hinckley Institute has been hosting a series of forums called “Ballot Ready 2018.” The forums are intended to inform and prepare individuals as they get ready to cast their vote in just a few short weeks.

This year, Utah has 3 ballot initiatives for voters to decide on. On today’s program, we take a closer look at one of those initiatives: Proposition 2, which would expand access to medical marijuana in Utah.

During this year’s legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that limits access to medical marijuana to a very small number of people:  those with a terminal illness who, at the time a doctor issues a prescription, have less than 6 months to live.

One important note: this forum was recorded a few weeks ago, before state leaders and various interest groups announced a medical cannabis compromise, something lawmakers will consider in a November special legislative session – whether or not the ballot initiative passes.

The panelists on the forum include: DJ Shanz, campaign director of Utah Patients Coalition (in support of Prop 2); James Jardin, with Drug Safe Utah and an attorney at Ray Quinney and Nebeker (speaking in opposition to Prop 2). Moderating today’s panel is Lara Jones, producer at local radio station, KRCL.

The forum was recorded on September 19, 2018.

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