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2018 HIP Talks: Finale

2018 HIP Talk winners and judges

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Original Air Date: September 12, 2018) — This past spring, the Hinckley Institute of Politics held its 4th annual HIP Talks, a two-minute speech competition at the University of Utah. Students were invited to speak through a series of qualifying rounds, before reaching the final competition.

The HIP in ‘HIP Talks’ stands for Hinckley Institute of Politics.

For the final competition, 30 students performed before a panel of judges and an audience of several hundred people at the Bill Child Community Hall in the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building.

The final round of the 2018 HIP Talks was held on April 11.

Here is a list of the 2018 HIP Talks final participants as well as the titles of their speeches:

  1. Taylor Checketts – Complete
  2. Alexis Koopman – Closed Doors
  3. Sydney Rae Stephens – Cold Ambition
  4. Gregory Boisvert – The American Tragedy
  5. Christian Sears – To Be A Man
  6. Peter Johnston – Grandfar
  7. Tressie Rollins – #Selfiegeneration
  8. Jackson Keller – Waffles and World Records
  9. Katherine Leibold – Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  10. Archie Smith – The 20 Year Old Has-Been
  11. Jennet Keo – Listen! Although we don’t get to speak up
  12. Samantha Thorne – Heat, Pressure, and Lisps
  13. Joanne Castillo – May Gold Sa lyong Buhay
  14. Alexander Barton – Walk the Walk: Attitudes About Pedestrians
  15. Howard Reeve – Consumption by Design
  16. Kimiko Miyashima – Ode to Soulcycle
  17. Shirley Zhou – Names
  18. Blake Marshall – The Smartphone-less Millennial
  19. Davis Green – Do It Scared
  20. Suwanta Shah – Kindness
  21. Lauren Newton – Our Addiction
  22. Julia Campbell – Cider & Champagne
  23. Maddie Lamah – The History of America
  24. Zac Ray – Free Speech Should Sustain Higher Education–Not Dismantle It
  25. Amy O’Neil – Why Some of Us End the Fight (runner-up winner)
  26. Mohan Sudabattula – It’s Time We Had “the Talk” (runner-up winner)
  27. BriAnne Crosby – The Things They Told Me (runner-up winner)
  28. Alexis Ahlzadeh – Step One: Admit We Have a Problem (runner-up winner)
  29. TaCara DeTevis – Why We Thrive (audience favorite)
  30. Karina Rivera – Don’t Cry Little Girl! (grand prize winner)

Listen to all of the 2018 HIP Talks speeches below:


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