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The Daily Buzz from Sundance: Day 5 (2/01/19)


Starting the program off with a programmer’s hot topics roundtable, the Daily Buzz speaks with Alamo Drafthouse co-founder Tim League ad Denver Film Society’s Andrew Rogers about festival buzz. We also speak with PADDLETON director Alex Lehman and Slamdance 2x award-winning film KIFARU (director David Hambridge and producer/editor Andrew Brown). We also talk to director Justin Chon, co-writer Chris Dinh, and actors Tiffany Chu and Teddy Lee from the Sundance hit MS. PURPLE.

Daily Buzz
The Daily Buzz from the Sundance Film Festival was an recurring series, recorded on-site in Park City, Utah during Sundance and featuring interviews with some of the most important voices in the entertainment industry, including directors, actors, producers, festival directors and journalists in the independent film world. It aired during Sundance from 2014-2020.
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