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2019 HIP Talks Finale


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — This spring, the Hinckley Institute of Politics held its 5th annual HIP Talks, a two-minute speech competition at the University of Utah. Students were invited to speak at a series of qualifying rounds, before moving on to the final competition where 30 students competed for cash prizes.

In honor of the oratorical skills of former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens, the Hinckley Institute sponsors this university-wide speech contest in conjunction with the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU). HIP Talks is supported by the Congressman Wayne Owens fund and seeks to foster the public speaking skills of U of U students. Students who participate in HIP Talks have the chance to win a $5,000 grand prize and five $1,000 runner-up prizes.

The final competition was held on April 8th in the Hinckley Caucus Room on the University of Utah campus.

Here is a list of the 2019 HIP Talks final participants as well as the titles of their speeches:

  1. Serena Aeschilman – A Woman’s Perspective
  2. Grace Osusky – There Is Only Us
  3. Dustin Bitter – Not So Average Daddy
  4. Alexis Cortez – The Road Less Travelled By
  5. Alyssa Stringham – Lost and Found
  6. Ashton Lee – Welcome to the Arena
  7. Anthony Scoma – The Human Brain: A Mixed Bag
  8. Michelle King-Diaz – Can’t
  9. Sahar Kanishka – Hair
  10. Mia Rhineer – Bathroom Talk
  11. Vaibhav Pandey – An Innocent Question
  12. Jessie Rabe – Save the Environment by Saving Your Wallet
  13. Damon Ngo – The Boy Who Crossed the Sea
  14. Elizabeth Ruelle – William Williams and I Have a Lack of Understanding
  15. Morgan Barron – Barbie #LooksLikeanEngineer
  16. Tyler Olsen – Keep Us in the Classroom
  17. Emma Shekina – See Me as Me, Not an Asset
  18. Leah Brodie – Make Princesses Great Again
  19. Jesus Jimenez-Vivanco – Thank You
  20. Tina Pham – I’m No Superhero
  21. Steve Lucero – Not Good Enough
  22. Alexis Koopmann – How to be an Engineer
  23. Mikkel Sutorius – Choosing My Gown and Gloves – Not Another Cinderella Story
  24. Kristen Kessler – Uniquely You
  25. Avery Druyon – The Global Pandemic (runner-up winner)
  26. Bryce Wilson – Tricky Question (runner-up winner)
  27. Zac Ray – What Will Boys Be? (runner-up winner)
  28. Isha Shadale – Islamophobia (audience favorite)
  29. Miranda Stewart – The Shame Game (runner-up winner)
  30. Rachel Carlson – InstitUtionalized (grand prize winner)

Listen to all of the 2018 HIP Talks speeches here.


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