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What does the Inland Port mean for Utah?


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour  This week on the program, we bring you a forum on the Inland Port, its impact and future.

The Inland Port refers to the planned development of Salt Lake City’s northwestern quadrant into a logistics and distribution hub connecting coastal seaports to inland destinations through rail and ground transportation.

The Inland Port has been a point of contention between the state and city governments, as well as environmental and business interests. Earlier this year, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski filed a lawsuit against the state over the port based on the usurpation of the city’s taxing and land-use powers. The monthly meetings of the Inland Port Authority Board in April and May of 2019 have been held up by protesters citing concerns of the port’s impact on the local environment and air quality.

KCPW coverage of the Inland Port:

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Moderating this panel is Maura Carabello, founder of the Exoro Group. Joining her on the panel are James Rogers, District 1 Councilman and member of the Inland Port Authority; Greg Hughes, Utah Speaker of the House; and Miles Hansen, President and CEO of World Trade Center Utah.

This discussion was recorded on February 4, 2019.

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