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Facial recognition scans of Utah drivers license and driving privilege card databases


Today on the show, a look at how federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and ICE make requests for facial recognition scans of Utah drivers licenses, IDs, and driving privilege cards. In recent weeks, the use of facial recognition by law enforcement has come under scrutiny from privacy watchdogs, state governments, and members of congress. Utah’s DPS says that scans are only carried out for outside agencies when a criminal investigation is underway. But some privacy advocates want a higher bar – like a warrant – before scanning occurs, something DPS says would greatly restrict the functionality of facial recognition programs.

Marina Lowe, Legislative & Policy Counsel with the ACLU of Utah (full interview)
Brian Redd, Chief Investigator with the Utah Department of Public Safety (full interview)
Clare Garvie, Georgetown University Center on Privacy and Technology (full interview)

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