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Unquenchable 3: The Fate of the Colorado River


A historic drought has been ravaging the American Southwest for the past 19 years. For the first time ever, states intwined in the Colorado River system need to cut back their use of the river’s water. Finding a solution to water management has never been more dire.

Will state and federal plans be enough to stop critical reservoirs like Lake Powell and Lake Mead from going dry?

Producer Tim Pierce gives us the story.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science Daniel McCool
United States Bureau of Reclamation Public Information Officer Marlon Duke
Colorado River Storage Project Management Director Brent Osiek
Western Area Power Administration Public Affairs Specialist Lisa Meiman
Ex-Commissioner of the United States Bureau of Reclamation Daniel P. Beard

This is the third episode in an ongoing series on how water gets used, conserved, and wasted in Utah — and on the pressing challenges to the state’s water future. 

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