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Lawmakers repeal tax plan as signature gatherers meet certification threshold


(KCPW News) As promised, Utah lawmakers on Tuesday repealed the tax-reform bill they passed in special session last month.

The House voted 70-1 to repeal the tax plan and the Senate voted unanimously to do the same.

To a degree the move was forced by a citizen referendum push that aimed to put the question of repeal on the November ballot. On Tuesday morning the state elections office announced that campaigners had gathered enough signatures for that to happen.

In passing their original bill, lawmakers said the reforms were needed to address a growing imbalance in the budget between sales tax and income tax revenue. Ballot initiative campaigners targeted the reform because of unpopular components including an increase to the food tax.

Now that the repeal has passed both the House and Senate it heads to the governor’s desk for a signature. Lawmakers are not expected to address tax reform again during the current session.

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