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The Daily Buzz from Sundance: Day 5 (1/31/20


We are almost halfway through our Slamdance and Sundance Film Festival coverage! In this episode, we speak with the filmmaker Sam Soko and subjects from SOFTIE, a documentary about Boniface “Softie” Mwangi’s try at a clean run for office. We also speak with director Danny Madden and stars Shirley Chen and Will Madden from BEAST BEAST, a film that takes place in the south about blossoming relationships and a gun-toting neighbor. Filmmaker Adam Carter Rehmeier, stars Kyle Gallner, Emily Skeggs, Pat Healy, and Lea Thompson from DINNER IN AMERICA joins us for a chat about their tale of a punk rocker on the run who meets an eccentric new friend. Also in this episode, we speak with leaders from the Asian American community – Sapana Sakya (CAAM’s Talent Development & Special Projects Manager), Derek Nguyen (from the production company, The Population), filmmaker PJ Raval, and award-winning journalist Paula Madison.

Daily Buzz
The Daily Buzz from the Sundance Film Festival was an recurring series, recorded on-site in Park City, Utah during Sundance and featuring interviews with some of the most important voices in the entertainment industry, including directors, actors, producers, festival directors and journalists in the independent film world. It aired during Sundance from 2014-2020.
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