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Thousands of artifacts from Utah’s past may get a new home


Today on In the Hive we tour the basement of the historic Rio Grande Depot in Salt Lake City, where tens of thousands of artifacts from Utah history are stored in less than ideal conditions. For years, the state’s Department of Heritage and Arts has been advocating for a new home for its unique collection that includes everything from a lock of Brigham Young’s hair to glass tubes designed by television inventor Philo T. Farnsworth (and a great deal more). Curators of the collection are concerned that the current location is prone to leaks, and is not seismically sound. Last year the state legislature appropriated funds for new construction on the state capitol complex. Part of the plan is to move the state’s history collection to a new building on the capitol ground, a facility that would include a public museum and climate-controlled storage facilities.

Plus, the tale of one item held in that collection: a letter sent by the infamous Utah-born outlaw Butch Cassidy from his cabin in a remote part of Argentina.

Jill Love, director of the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts
Doug Misner, library and collections manager
Sabrina Sanders, artifacts collections manager

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