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Utah’s changing demographics and the 2020 census


The Hinckley Insitute Radio Hour (Original Air Date: July 7, 2019) — This week on the program, a forum on Utah’s changing demographics and the 2020 census with Mallory Bateman, State Data Center Coordinator at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.

The 2020 census began on April 1st, Census Day. Fill-in census forms have been sent out as the state, and the nation, begin the enumeration process for the entire population of the United States. While the data will take months to verify and finalize, it is important to complete the census by mail or online at, as soon as possible. The data from the census informs state and local funding, national representation and the redrawing of political maps. 

Last year the rollout of the census was complicated by the potential inclusion of a citizenship question at the request of the Trump administration. After the Supreme Court rejected the change, the question was dropped and was not included in the 2020 census.

Mallory Bateman explains the issues surrounding the citizenship question as well as what the census means for Utah after experiencing unprecedented population growth and demographic shifts in the last decade. She also discusses why these changes make the 2020 census a critical piece of data for the state as it looks to address questions of city planning, federal funding, representation, and policies to address specific demographics.

This talk was recorded on April 22th, 2019.

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