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2020 HIP Talks Finale


 The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — This week on the program, the 6th annual HIP Talks, a two-minute speech-giving competition held last spring at the University of Utah.

The Hinckley Institute sponsors this university-wide speech contest in conjunction with the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) in honor of the oratorical skills of former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens. HIP Talks is supported by the Congressman Wayne Owens fund and seeks to foster the public speaking skills of University of Utah students. Students who participate in HIP Talks have the chance to win a $5,000 grand prize and five $1,000 runner-up prizes.

This year, to adapt to quarantine conditions, over 80 students submitted videos for a shot at the cash prizes. We will hear some of the best of these applicants and the top six prize winners at the end of the program.

These speeches were recorded in April of 2020.

Here is a list of the 2020 HIP Talks final participants as well as the titles of their speeches:

  1. Ethan Archibald – The Bootstrap Maxim and Affordable Housing
  2. Tiffany Farfan – The New Frontline
  3. Maxwell Bennion – The Wielded and the Wielding
  4. Bennett Blake – U.S.-China Relations Post-COVID-19
  5. Tiffany Chan – The Discrimination Pandemic
  6. Yein Ji – Lucky
  7. Andrea Jimenez Flores – Undocumented Immigrants Are Essential
  8. Jack Jowers – Programmed Polarization
  9. Ryan Knippel – Cops and Robbers
  10. Niko Krieger – If My Parents Weren’t Robots, They Would Know I Have a Boyfriend
  11. Vivian Lee – Standing in solidarity; an important lesson from COVID-19
  12. Tressa Marre – Teeth Tell Tales
  13. Tammy Reque – Protecting the Invisible
  14. Alvin Tsang – Social Heroin
  15. Brianna Skaggs – Saving Graduation
  16. Rachel Wesemann – The Secret Syrup to Success
  17. Jenna Wiseman – I’d Vote For You
  18. David Witt – All Because We Were Born in the Right Place
  19. Aly Hill – The Truth Is (runner-up winner)
  20. Stephanie Morgan – The Secret Liberal Agenda in Schools (runner-up winner)
  21. Wendy Joseph – The Real Virus (runner-up winner)
  22. Madelaine Lamah – More than their words (runner-up winner)
  23. Benjamin Merzouk – Reviving EMS (HIP staff favorite)
  24. Noah Hughes – Like Father, Like… (grand prize winner)
  25. Tamara Calzado Real – First Generation
  26. Samira Gholami – Unlearning
  27. Minjoon Kim – Corps Values: What the Marines Taught Me 
  28. Emily Lawal – Doesn’t Define Who You Are
  29. Amorah Pratt – Boys Don’t Cry
  30. Bryce Wilson – God’s Eyes

Listen to all of the 2018 HIP Talks speeches here.

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