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Candidates for statewide office: the Democrats


This week, and next, on “In the Hive,” we feature conversations with candidates for statewide office. Today it’s the Democratic candidates for Governor and Attorney General of Utah. Attorney and law professor Chris Peterson finds fault in the pandemic response led by his opponent in the gubernatorial contest, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. Among other things, Peterson says Utah should have already implemented a statewide mask mandate to head off Utah’s coronavirus spike. Attorney Greg Skordas says that incumbent Utah AG Sean Reyes isn’t doing the people’s bidding and instead is playing politics by involving the state in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the Affordable Care Act. This week, the Democrats. Next week on the show, the Republican candidates in the same races.

Details about what’s on your November ballot can be found at

Chris Peterson, law professor and Democratic candidate for Governor of Utah
Greg Skordas, attorney and Democratic candidate for Utah Attorney General

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