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The pandemic’s lasting career impacts for Utah women


Today on “In the Hive,” we speak with two researchers from the Utah Women and Leadership Project (UWLP) at Utah State University about the distinct impacts the pandemic has had on career advancement opportunities for Utah women. Of course, COVID-19 has significantly impacted everyone, financially and otherwise, but in Utah jobs held by women declined at more than twice the rate of men between 2019 and 2020. To better understand the experience of Utah women, UWLP researchers conducted a survey and asked women an open-ended question:

“How has the pandemic impacted your career advancement experiences and opportunities over the short term and longer term?”

The responses they received illuminate the physical, behavioral, and emotional effects that Utah women are facing related to COVID-19.

Marin Christensen, UWLP Research Associate
Dr. Susan R. Madsen, UWLP Founder & Director

The Impact of COVID-19 on Utah Women and Work: Career Advancement Challenges

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