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Utah DNR head Brian Steed on drought conditions, and Sweet Streets SLC says ’20 is Plenty’


On this episode of “In the Hive,” we continue the conversation we started last week about drought in Utah. Today, we speak with Brian Steed, head of the Utah Department of Natural Resources, an agency that has a great deal of control over water in the state. Steed says that we can do a lot for our water storage by changing our landscaping, watering less frequently, and generally being more conscious of how we’re using our water. But he says that despite the drought, and the low levels in our reservoirs, there’s still a need for large scale water infrastructure projects like the Lake Powell Pipeline.

Plus, a group called Sweet Streets Salt Lake City wants the default speed limit in Utah’s capital city to be lowered to 20 mph – for safety and for more livable neighborhoods.

Brian Steed, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources
Benjamin Wood, Board Member with Sweet Streets Salt Lake City
Jon Larsen, Salt Lake City Transportation Division Director

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