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‘Proud Democrat’ Kael Weston says his party was wrong to endorse independent in Senate race


Utah Democrat Kael Weston (campaign photo)
“While I respect what the delegates did, I don’t think it was good for Utah, I don’t think it was good for our party, and I think that there is a missing voice in the Senate race right now.”

Kael Weston was the presumptive Democratic nominee in the race for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Mike Lee.

Until he wasn’t.

On April 23rd, Democratic delegates meeting in convention spurned his candidacy and instead endorsed independent Evan McMullin — a former CIA officer who ran an outsider race against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Weston, a former American diplomat who worked in war zones, says he’s still focused on getting Sen. Lee of out office, preferably in the June 28th primary. And, he says that one of Lee’s two GOP challengers, Becky Edwards, is “now the only moderate in the race.”

Today on “In the Hive,” a conversation with Weston about the race that wasn’t, about what the future holds for him and his party, and about the Utah Democratic candidates he’s excited about right now.

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