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A rare, audible, meteor skips across Utah’s skies – mimicking an earlier event


Today on In the Hive, we have a conversation with NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Utah Patrick Wiggins about something that is generally seen but not heard.

Most meteors are so small and so far away that they don’t make any sound whatsoever. But that wasn’t the case with a meteor that interacted with earth’s atmosphere over Utah this last weekend, causing a sonic boom that was heard across a wide swath of the northern part of the state. And while the event happened at the height of the Perseid meteor shower, it wasn’t related to that annual event. Nor was it the return of a fiery object last seen over Utah skies 50 years ago.

Plus: contemplating another significant meteor impact on the face of the earth.

Patrick Wiggins, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Utah

Sky Fire by The Groks Science Show


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