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Proposed SLC zoning changes aim to increase ‘missing middle’ and ‘shared’ housing

RMF-30 areas of Salt Lake City (SLC Planning Commission)

The Salt Lake City Council is considering a suite of changes to zoning ordinances.

The proposed changes include amending rules for areas of the city zoned as “RMF-30,” in an effort to increase so-called “missing middle housing” in certain residential zones (“RMF” stands for “residential multi-family” and “30” refers to the maximum allowed building height of 30 feet).

Despite the “multi-family” moniker, RMF-30 areas peppered throughout the city have a minimum lot size that prohibits the construction of new, multi-family homes like fourplexes, triplexes and townhouses. The changes would allow the development of those housing types within the zone.

City officials say their aim is to increase the overall available housing stock.

But during the most recent public hearing on the proposal, various residents expressed concerns that the changes could create an incentive to tear down existing, older structures, in favor of redevelopment — thereby exacerbating the affordable housing crisis in Salt Lake City.

In addition to the RMF-30 rezone, the council is also considering changes to parking requirements for new developments and zoning changes related to Single Room Occupancy or “Shared Housing.”

Today on “In the Hive,” a conversation with Salt Lake City Council Member Darin Mano about the proposed zoning amendments.

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