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Conversation with Congressman Chris Stewart


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — Today, on the program, a conversation with Rep. Chris Stewart and afterward, a panel on the federal government and the work of Congress.

In May, Stewart announced plans to resign from Congress due to the poor health of his wife. Stewart said he will officially step down in September, leaving the position he has held since 2013. 

The special election for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District is set for November 21st, but the Republican primary will end on September 5th. The candidates vying for the nomination are Becky Edwards, Bruce Hough and Celeste Maloy. Democrats nominated state Rep. Kathleen Riebe earlier this year.

Today’s forum discusses Rep. Stewart’s decision to leave Congress and the politics of Washington, D.C. Interviewing Rep. Stewart is Rick B. Larsen, president and CEO of the Sutherland Institute. Afterward, the panel will include Jim Curry, professor of political science at the University of Utah, and Christine Fairbanks, Education Policy Fellow at the Sutherland Institute. Moderating the panel is Nic Dunn, vice president of strategy and communications at the Sutherland Institute.

This forum was cosponsored by the Sutherland Institute and was recorded on August 3, 2023.

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