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Unquenchable 2: Quagga Mussels’ Threat to Utah Water


Correction: We refer to Glen Canyon National Recreational Area as Glen Canyon National Park. Recreational areas specifically surround reservoirs and are generally designated for water-based recreation areas. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is still managed by the National Park Service.

Quagga mussels, the aquatic invasive species that have made their home in Lake Powell, first showed up in Utah in 2013. They haven’t left since then, and their population is skyrocketing. But, what affect do they have on the lake? What plans does Utah have to eradicate them? And why is it imperative they do not spread to other bodies of water?

Producer Tim Pierce gives us the story.

This is the second episode in an ongoing series on how water gets used, conserved, and wasted in Utah — and on the pressing challenges to the state’s water future. 

Julie Sabattis, Biologist and AIS Interdiction Specialist
Scott Dalebout, Operations Lieutenant with the Utah Division of Wildlife


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