Legislative Coverage

Resolution commemorating 2020 election passes Utah House – after significant changes

(KCPW News) A resolution recognizing Utah’s clerks and election workers for their efforts during the 2020 election cleared the Utah House of Representatives on Tuesday, but not before language endorsing vote-by-mail and commemorating the security of the recent election was stripped out.   House Concurrent Resolution 11, by Salt Lake Democratic Representative Joel Briscoe, sought…

In the Hive

Sen. Mitt Romney on the pandemic relief impasse in Congress, by-mail voting, and the November election

This week on the program we feature a conversation with Sen. Mitt Romney about the impasse in Congress over the latest round of coronavirus relief. We also ask the senator about President Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud, and whether the U.S. is prepared for a largely by-mail election this November. Speaking of the…

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