Monthly Archive:: February 2011

Year-Round Public Market Closer to Having Location

Getting fresh fruits and vegetables in a year-round downtown Salt Lake City market is one step closer to reality. Monday, members of

Proposed Spending Cap Amendment Moves to House Floor

A proposed constitutional amendment to cap state spending narrowly cleared a House Committee yesterday. The measure, sponsored by Republican Representative Carl Wimmer,

Rally Backs DeChristopher on First Day of Trial

Some call it civil disobedience, others call it breaking the law. This week, a jury will finally decide the fate of Tim

Push for Public Discussion on Nondiscrimination Bill Fails

In a final push to get a public hearing for his anti-discrimination bill this year, Democratic Senator Ben McAdams made a plea

DeChristopher: I’m As Prepared as I Can Be for Prison

It’s been more than two years since his act of civil disobedience, but environmental activist Tim DeChristopher’s federal trial finally begins today.

Q Debuts Tonight on KCPW

A new program that debuts tonight on KCPW is a fusion of high art, pop culture, politics, entertainment, and more. Q debuted

Anti-discrimination Bill Likely Not Heard This Session

A bill that would protect gay and transgender Utahns from discrimination in employment and housing statewide will likely have to wait another

Ray Vows to Fight On After Nicotine Candy Ban is Rejected

A statewide ban on flavored nicotine candy failed in House Business and Labor Committee on Friday. Representative Paul Ray's bill would have

State Offices Could Re-Open on Fridays

A state lawmaker’s bid to eliminate Utah’s four-day workweek gained bipartisan support Friday. Representative Mike Noel says his constituents are frustrated

Teachers Worried by Proposed Layoff Changes

The Senate Education Committee approved a bill this morning that makes it easier to fire under-performing teachers. It requires school boards to

Politics Up Close: UEA Weighs in on Legislative Session

During this session of the Utah legislature, there’s certainly a lot at stake for K-12 students. But there’s also a lot at

Politics Up Close: Legislature Intervenes in Yalecrest Preservation

The legislature is intervening in a debate about whether to make Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood a historic district. It’s an issue

Politics Up Close: One-on-One with Governor Herbert

Today on Politics Up Close, we sat down with Utah Governor Gary Herbert at the State Capitol. The legislative session ends in

PAC Website Indicates Potential Huntsman Strategy

A political action committee associated with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has launched its new website. But you won’t find Huntsman’s name

Revamped Tuition Bill Stalls in House

The Utah House of Representatives revamped a bill Thursday that would repeal in-state tuition waivers for Utah college students who are in

Legislation Makes Drowsy Driving a Crime

Drowsy driving could soon be a crime in Utah, not just a bad idea. Representative Lee Perry, a Utah Highway Patrol lieutenant,

No Need for Concealed Permit Under GOP Bill

Concealed weapons permits would become optional, under a bill debated by Utah lawmakers this morning. Republican Representative Carl Wimmer's bill allows anyone

Dem. Legislator Says Govt. Not Playing Fair with Public Lands

One Democratic state lawmaker frustrated with federal land control is proposing a resolution challenging those policies. Representative Christine Watkins’ proposal received unanimous

Walmart Presents $1 Million Prize to Salt Lake City Nonprofits

Eight Salt Lake City based non-profits received $1 million dollars from Walmart today as part of the company’s Fighting Hunger Together campaign.

Bramble Discusses Comprehensive Immigration Bill

Immigration was the word at the State Capitol Wednesday as several legislators pitched what they believe could be a reasonable solution for

Lawmakers Reject Tenure Ban

The legislature’s House Education Committee rejected a divisive bill Wednesday that would have banned academic tenure at Utah's public colleges and universities.

Historic District Moratorium Approved by Senate

A state lawmaker from Sandy is intervening in a conflict in Salt Lake City’s Yalecrest neighborhood between preservation and property rights. Utah

Resolution Calls On Utah Lawmakers To Stop Work On Immigration Bills

One Utah senator wants the state to take a back seat in immigration legislation. Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero introduced SJR 18

House Committee Narrowly Rejects Breeder Regulations

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee voted down proposed regulations to stave off puppy mills in Utah this morning. Democratic Representative Jackie

Simonsen: Charges Won’t Affect My Ability to Serve

Salt Lake City Councilman Soren Simonsen claims the criminal charges he’s facing in the state of Washington won’t impact his ability to

Bill Could Mean More Movies Made in Utah

Utahns could be seeing a bit more of Hollywood in their own backyards… at least, that’s what lawmakers are hoping for. House

Medicaid Reform Clears Hurdle with Bipartisan Support

The Utah Senate gave bipartisan support yesterday to a state lawmaker's plan to reign in Medicaid spending. Republican Senator Dan Liljenquist’s bill

Lawmakers Pass Bill To Limit Environmental Lawsuits Vs. State

A bill aimed at limiting environmental lawsuits against the state by requiring those filing suit to take out a kind of insurance

Vehicle Smoking Ban for Drivers with Kids Fails Yet Again

Every year since 2007, various Utah lawmakers have tried to ban smoking in cars when a child is present. And this year,

Budget Outlook Improves

Utah lawmakers can breathe at least a small sigh of relief about the budget. New state revenue estimates show the 2012 budget