Bill Would Get Rid of Points for Out-of-State Violations

(KCPW News) Utah drivers wouldn’t get points on their license for out-of-state traffic violations, under a bill the Senate discussed this morning. Drivers risk a suspended license once they’ve built up a certain number points. Bill sponsor Senator Chris Buttars says right now, only traffic crimes can be prosecuted in Utah regardless of where they were committed.

“If I rob a bank in Wyoming, they don’t try me here, or if I do anything else. You know I robbed the bank, it goes on my record, but you don’t prosecute here,” he argued.

Buttars said the bill still allows an offense to go on the driver’s record for insurance purposes.

Other lawmakers argued that more serious offenses should be counted in Utah. And Senate Majority Leader Scott Jenkins worries the bill diminishes the importance of the point system.

“At one point, the driver license system can look at you and say this guy is a problem because of all the points he’s got now,” he said. “Occurrences of these infractions in other states still add up to the same point that he is becoming a bad driver.”

Buttars said he’ll amend the bill to differentiate between minor and more serious offenses. It passed on a 25-to-2 vote, but will be voted on one more time before moving to the House.

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