Submit a PSA

As part of our community-driven mission, each month, KCPW aims to air a number of 30-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs). 

A few things to note about PSAs:

  • Because PSAs are a free service, we are unable to guarantee in advance how often, if, or when your PSA will be broadcast. KCPW fills orders for paid underwriting spots first. To learn more about the benefits of underwriting, please visit our Sponsorship Page
  • PSA’s are either read live by an on-air host or are run in the form of staff-produced pre-recorded announcements. 
  • PSA’s are kept in rotation for no more than two weeks, and are not broadcast during KCPW fund drives. 
  • To submit a PSA, please submit a script between 65 and 75 words in length using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Please note that federal regulators have strict guidelines for PSAs that must be followed and so you’ll need to keep these guidelines in mind when you submit your announcement for consideration: 

  • 1.) Announcements may not include an inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease; 
  • 2.) Announcements may not contain price information, including fees, or references including “free,” “sale,” “half-price” or “discount.” If an event is free, it’s permissible to indicate that it’s “open to the public.” If an event requires tickets, the PSA may tell listeners where tickets are available; 
  • 3.) Announcements may not be for commercial purposes. If it involves money or measurable benefit, the recipient must have 501(c)(3) status. Announcements for fundraisers at commercial establishments will not be accepted, even if a portion of the funds are donated to charity; 
  • 4.) Announcements may not contain comparative or qualitative language, like “the best in our area,” or “the most popular…”; 
  • 5.) Announcements may not contain a call to action, such as “be sure to attend” or “hurry in today.”

As a policy, KCPW does not air: 1.) Political announcements 2.) PSAs for commercial events or businesses, or other events where there is an emphasis on ‘selling’ or ‘bidding’; 3.) PSA’s including a solicitation for funds, a solicitation for volunteers to solicit funds, or for promoting a “members only” event; 4.) KCPW Public Radio does not mention event sponsors within the script of any PSA.

PSA requests must be self-submitted by entering the event information to the online form below at least two weeks prior to the event date. The station does not verify the details of an event, and does not take responsibility for inaccurate information. Please proofread before submitting information for a PSA.

Finally, please ALSO consider posting your event to KCPW’s online Community Calendar, where visitors to our website can learn about upcoming events in our community!

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