Politics Up Close: Former Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Jack Abramoff at the HInckley Institute of Politics

(KCPW News) Less than two years after getting out of federal prison, former superlobbyist Jack Abramoff is in Utah, talking about the corrupt practices that led to his downfall and what should be done to put an end to such practices in Washington. We sat down with him at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics.


And former Utah House Speaker David Clark now has his sights set on a higher political office, running for Congress in the 2nd District. The state lawmaker of 12 years counts several ethics reforms passed in the Utah legislature among his accomplishments. He joined us to discuss what he has to offer voters.


And the AARP is pushing to get more seniors to become Republican and Democratic delegates at next month’s caucus meetings. We talked with Advocacy Director Danny Harris.


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  1. Howard Marlowe

    I am continually amazed at how many media outlets give this guy the publicity he craves so much. Abramoff was never a lobbyist. He used money (Nixon’s biggest fund raiser) to gain access and provide freebies to Members of Congress. He scammed his Indian tribe clients; took their money and took the money of their opponents. He used his ill-gotten money to bribe elected officials. Now he’s scamming the system again with a book that claims to tell what’s wrong with our system and how to fix it and a book tour that has a press agent, publisher, producer etc.
    This is no lobbyist and he does not deserve to be put on a pedestal as a newly-anointed paragon of virtue.

    Howard Marlowe
    American League of Lobbyists