Health Department Holds Outreach Meetings on Data Breach

(KCPW News) The Utah Department of Health is kicking off a dozen outreach meetings to provide help for those impacted by the Medicaid data breach in March, which compromised the Social Security numbers or other sensitive data of up to 780,000 people. Spokesman Tom Hudachko says over the next month, the health department will visit twelve communities, offering free workshops to anyone with questions about the incident.

“A lot of the issues we are hearing from the public are potential troubles that they are having signing up for the credit monitoring services or individuals who received a letter indicating that their social security numbers have been compromised, or that they threw that letter away and now they need help with getting a new code for their credit monitoring. It’s those types of issues we want to reach out to people on.”

Hudachko says more than 500,000 letters have been mailed out notifying people who may be a victim of the attack, adding everyone the department was able to obtain a good address for has been notified.

“If you received one of those letters it provided you with instructions on ways to protect yourself. But if you received one and you haven’t taken action yet or you are unsure what type of action to take, we encourage you to look into an outreach meeting that’s close to you and attend.”

Utah’s newly appointed Data Security Ombudsman, Sheila Walsh-McDonald, and her staff will be available at the workshops for one-on-one meetings. For the complete list of workshops, visit the Department of Health’s website.