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Utah Poison Control Center Warns of Child Exposure to Drug

Accidental exposures of children to a well-known drug to treat opioid addiction are on the rise in Utah. Marty Malheiro, Education Specialist for the Utah Poison Control Center says while Buprenorphine is effective in treating heroin and opioid addiction in adults it can cause serious injury to children and in some cases lead to death.…


Utah Sees Lower Gas Prices

You might be happily surprised next time you go to fill up your tank.  According to a recent report by AAA, Utah’s average price for a gallon of gasoline is down nearly 31 cents across the state. AAA Spokesperson Rolayne Fairclough says this is a traditional time for low gas prices however she says a…

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West Valley City Police Scale Back On Powell Case

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, the West Valley City woman who went missing 3-years ago. West Valley Police Sergeant Mike Powell says police are still actively working on the case. “It’s been a large scale investigation most definitely so, and it’s important for the public to be aware…


Utah Home Sales On The Rise

Utah home sales are on the rise. According to Utah Association of Realtors, the housing market has been improving for the past 7 months. Association President Cal Musselman says home sales have risen nearly 12 percent since last October. “It’s the law of supply and demand and that’s what we are finally seeing in our…


Fewer Rural Students Admitted to College than Non-Rural

The percentage of high school students from Utah’s rural areas who attend college is much lower than that of their city and suburb dwelling counter parts. That’s according to a new study by the Utah Foundation that examined the challenges faced by Utah’s rural schools. Research Analyst Shawn Teigen says rural students are offered fewer…

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Utah Sees Extreme Rise in Whooping Cough Cases

Whooping cough is on the rise again in Utah. There have been more than 1,100 reported cases of pertussis or ‘whooping cough’ statewide so far this year, five times the national rate.  Nicholas Rupp of the Salt Lake Valley Health Department says the state has seen twice as many cases as last year. “We tend…


Spending in Utah Takes Dip After Romney Loss

Consumer confidence in Utah took a big dive this month according to the Zions Bank Consumer Attitude Index report on consumer spending.  Randy Shumway, CEO of the Cicero Group, says the consumer attitude index fell more than 11 points, which he attributes to Utah favorite Mitt Romney losing the Presidential election. “You saw a really…


DEQ Sets New Standard for Measuring Air Quality

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is implementing new rules for all solid fuel and coal burning devices as a way to predict red and yellow air-quality conditions sooner during the winter inversion season.  Air Quality Division Director Bryce Bird says the state will now rate its air quality based on the national air quality…

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