West Valley Introduces Promenade to City Residents

West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder Speaks at Unveiling of the Promenade at Fairbourne Station

(KCPW News)  West Valley City officials today unveiled the recently completed Promenade at Fairbourne Station, the community’s new park and public walkway.  During the dedication of the park, West Valley Mayor Mike Winder said it’s something for everyone in the city enjoy.

“If you’re hopping off the TRAX, waiting for a bus, it’s somewhere to come relax and enjoy nature.  If you live in West Valley and just want to take the kids to fun, free place and splash about a bit before you go to the library or the mall it’s a great place to come,” said Winder.  “It’s really serving transit users, or those looking for a place to stop on a lunch break, really all purpose use.”

The Promenade is surrounded by shops, the public library, as well as a TRAX station.  A nearby four star hotel and residential towers are currently under development. The open space includes outdoor seating, trees, a grass field, as well as a water installation that spans the course of the park. Winder says the park is just the beginning of a number of changes taking place in West Valley.

“Utah’s second largest city has long lacked a historic sense of place.  We grew up as farming communities, Granger, Hunter, Chester field. We are becoming a city of our own now. As West Valley City we are becoming a city center identity, and we look at Fairbourne Station not only as a city center for Utah’s second largest city, but also potentially as the finest transit oriented development in the west when it’s done,” said Winder.

The Fairbourne Station project spans from 3500 South to 3650 South and 2700 to 3200 West.  More development in the area is expected to begin this year.

  1. Trevor

    I don’t know why they did it during a weekday and during the middle of the day. I would have gone if I wasn’t at work. I’m glad it’s finally open. They had it finished last year, then tore it down right after they finished it to put up this weird thing. Bad planning all around.