KCPW Launches A New Listening Experience!

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It is our effort to be something unique; to enhance the local, public radio landscape.

With the new programming changes, nearly 90% of the shows to be found at KCPW will not be found anywhere else in the Salt Lake market.

Changes include:
• New national and international public radio programs
• Nearly doubled local news coverage with more local reporting and a new, daily, half‐hour, local
news and interview show
• Increase in news analysis, offering a greater diversity of voices
• New lifestyle programs currently not heard in the area, including a show devoted to
environmental issues and a show devoted to healthy living
• Four‐fold increase in arts programming with new categories for film, music and the culinary arts

We will continue to bring you non-stop, thoughtful news and information, but now we will be able to offer more shows, more voices, more local coverage, more of what you love.

As an independent, member supported station, we value your feedback. Please take moment to let us know what’s on your mind.

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      Exciting news looking forward to this change and hope it is well received

      I speak for myself but what I don’t want in a radio station is to eliminate any nationwide view of the life we share with others in this country. Living in a happy bubble is stupid, dangerous, and completely unrealistic. I guess I’ll have to find other alternative radio programs now.

      We couldn’t agree more about living in a bubble. You’ve hit on one of the key reasons behind our programming changes, to present an expanded viewpoint to our listeners (hence the increase in globally focused programming).

      That said, staying current on national news is also imperative to being an “informed and engaged citizen”.

      Some recommended programs aimed at national news:
      To the Point: Airs M – F at 4pm “fast-paced, news based one-hour daily national program that focuses on the hot-button issues of the day”
      The TakeAway: Airs M-F at 3pm “national morning news program that delivers the news and analysis you need to catch up, start your day, and prepare for what’s ahead”
      Bob Edwards Weekend: Air Sat, noon – 2 ” in-depth interviews with newsmakers, journalists, entertainers and other compelling figures”
      Moyers & Company: Airs Tues at 9am “Crucial Issues, Workable Solutions”

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