Law Enforcement Takes New Approach at Parley’s Park

(KCPW News)  A long-term controversy is getting rigorous law enforcement attention beginning tomorrow. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder says there’s a lot of confusion surrounding policies at Parley’s Historic Nature Park.  Now, he hopes to clear some of that up over the next 90 days through the “care and share” program.

“Our officers are going to go up there and they’re going to begin to issue notices of  violation to people for all kinds of things…things the police may not even normally issue a notice for, for instance , a park rule,” he said.

Winder says the citations aren’t tickets, just a friendly reminder of the rules, and a way for law enforcement to keep track of what the real problems are.

“We need to get some hard facts about what is and is not  happening in the Parley’s community and then develop a strategy, rather then develop a strategy based on perception or emotion,” he said.

Officers will keep a weekly log of the citations issued, and then present their findings to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and the city council.  Mayor Becker recently vetoed a new management plan for the park over concerns about allowing dogs to run off-leash on the south side of Parley’s Creek. The park is also frequently used by birders and BMX bikers.

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