U of U Offers Environmental Education in Montana

(KCPW News) This fall, the University of Utah is extending its campus to a restored ghost town in southern Montana. Mary Tull, Director of the U’s Environmental Humanities Education Center, says the school is partnering with the nonprofit International Center for Earth Concerns to offer four short programs there, each with an in-depth environmental focus.

“The featured workshops this year that are uniquely designed and supported by the center are eco-spirituality, documentary film with an environmental focus and the art celebration for artists, writers, photographers, musicians,” she explains.

Tull says the remote area called Centennial Valley comprises 385,000 acres of land, filled with wetlands and diverse wildlife.

“Because this place is so unique, people who come there really leave a whole lot behind and begin to see almost with new eyes about what a sense of place means, conserving that place,” she says.

For more information on the center, visit the Environmental Humanities Education Center’s website.