Is Free Speech Worth It?

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Re-Air dates: February 7 ~ 10, 2017) — It’s generally understood that free speech is a right all Americans enjoy under the First Amendment. But some forms of speech can be threatening, or can raise fear among certain groups of people. At what point can, or should some hateful speech be shut down? These are some of the issues the University of Utah is dealing with this week with the scheduled speaking event by a controversial right-wing columnist.

The participants in this conversation were: Professor Nicole Robinson, Assistant Vice President for Equity and Diversity, Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs Leadership Fellow, and a professor of Music; Dr. Lori McDonald, Dean of Students, University of Utah; David Raymond, former past president of the ACLU in Salt Lake City, and a litigator with extensive experience with First Amendment issues; Boyd Ferguson, the primary council for Salt Lake City’s Public Services Department, and advisor to the city on First Amendment issues; and the moderator is student Taylor Checketts.