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Who should manage public lands in Utah?


If you missed Wednesday night’s live, Oxford-style debate at the Main Library, you can listen to it here in its entirety (files follow below):

Local and state officials have clashed recently with the feds on everything from wild horses to ATVs to national monuments. While factors such as energy development, access and recreation have become flash points, the heart of the matter concerns which governmental entity should control public lands in Utah.

On Wednesday, May 14, The Salt Lake Tribune presented an Oxford-style debate on the resolution: “The state of Utah is best suited to manage public lands within its borders.” Arguing for the motion were Utah House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart and West Jordan Republican Rep. Ken Ivory, president of the American Lands Council. Arguing against the resolution were former BLM director Pat Shea and Dan McCool, political science professor and director of the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program at the University of Utah.

The event was free and open to the public. Those attending had an opportunity to vote on which team was most persuasive.

“Public lands issues have always been sensitive topics in Utah, but recent events, particularly throughout southern parts of the state, show heightened tensions,” said Lisa Carricaburu, managing editor of The Salt Lake Tribune. “We hope this debate will lay out the arguments on each side of this important public policy issue and allow members of the public to reach their own conclusions.” -SL Trib


    Are you aware that the Clive Bundy Klan is planning to try to pack this meeting? I hope there is good security and that guns are not allowed into the library.

    Serious question: Is there going to be security there? As much as I support one side of this issue, I’m not going anywhere near a heated debate where the other side is angry and packing heat.

    We’ve passed on your concerns to the administration at the Main Library.
    I think the auditorium will fill up so you may want to come early. Sometimes our live broadcasts lead to a picnic-like circle outside the studio. Feel free to grab your favorite camp chair and hang out underneath the exterior speakers.

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