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Trib Talk Live: “Fake or Fact: What is News” (3/22/17)


The Salt Lake Tribune held a panel discussion this week on the current prevalence of fake news; what the trend means for the public, and its implications for journalists. Fake or Fact: What is News? took place on Wednesday, March 22, in the Nancy Tessman Auditorium of the Salt Lake City Public Library. Moderated by Tribune Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce, the event featured Tribune editorial writer George Pyle, Utah State University professor Matthew LaPlante and Utah Valley University professor Gae Lyn Henderson. Panelists talked about recognizing and combatting fake news, and about what the trend means for our society. Among the pieces of advice offered: think carefully before sharing a story on your social network.

“Give it a moment, do some searching, check with some other people, come back to it,” said Professor La Plante.

“When you share lies, you’re a liar.”

Full audio of the event:

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