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Employment, States Rights Highlight Herbert’s State of the State Address


Utah Governor Gary Herbert delivered his first State of the State Address as an elected Governor last night at the Capitol in Salt Lake City.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

(KCPW News)  Utah Governor Gary Herbert delivered his first State of the State Address as an elected Governor Wednesday night at the Capitol in Salt Lake City.  Herbert said there are several budget priorities, but the top one is education, and he asked lawmakers to focus on several areas outlined in an action plan developed by his Education Excellence Commission.

“This action plan also includes eight specific proposals, the initial steps recommended unanimously by the Commission members, proposals that I ask you to address this session,” said Herbert.  “These initiatives include ensuring reading proficiency by the third grade, and matching classroom instruction to real-world jobs.  Especially in the areas of science, engineering and math.”

Herbert said he believes the path to economic prosperity begins in elementary schools.

Regarding states’ rights, Herbert said he wants to address Utah problems with Utah solutions.

“I firmly believe if we as a state fail to vigorously fight to protect and defend our rights under the Constitution, those rights will invariably be seized and usurped by the federal government.  I remind Washington, we are a state, not a colony, and I assure you, on my watch, Utah will not stand idly by,” said Herbert.

Herbert added that Utah will continue to develop its own solutions to the healthcare crisis.  Listen to Herbert’s full State of the State Address here:



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