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Politics Up Close: ACLU Sues over Immigration Law


It was called a watered down version of Arizona’s enforcement only immigration law when it was passed by the Utah legislature. But the American Civil Liberties Union says it will still turn Utah into a police state, dubbing it the “show me your papers” law. Now, it’s filed a lawsuit in federal court.

(KCPW News) It was called a watered down version of Arizona’s enforcement only immigration law when it was passed by the Utah legislature. But the American Civil Liberties Union says it will still turn Utah into a police state, dubbing it the “show me your papers” law. Now, it’s filed a lawsuit in federal court. We talked with ACLU of Utah Legal Director Darcy Goddard and Cecila Wang, Managing Attorney with the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.




    Since the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act those in power has lied to the US people? Just sufficient laws have been passed, to give the impression that President Obama, George Bush or back to Ronald Reagan, promised to secure fully the border. That they would enforce immigration laws, but candidly nothing serious as ever been accomplished? We need to revisit President Linden B. Johnson, Immigration Restriction Act of 1921 policy “Quotas System”, so only certain amounts of foreign nationals are given entry visas. Its requirements were Numerical limits on immigration from Europe and the use of a Quota system for establishing those limitations. Similar legislation had been advanced several times previously without success. Recommencement of immigration and the widespread unemployment that followed the end of World War One demanded change, lending strength to the anti-immigration movement. In 1965, the American people were guaranteed that immigration would never exceed its then low level of 250,000 annually. Currently, it is at an all-time high of over a million a year and still rising.

    Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, a veiled Liberal progressive killed this law, attributing to the 20 million or more who have settled in this country today. You cannot trust any administration, the Liberal press, the liberal Extremists in Academia or any of the open border quasi organization, such as The Council of Foreign Relations. These organizations are for open borders, although we have upwards to 10 million US citizens and resident without a job. Leftists and equivalents all have their own agenda’s and Obama and his Leftist administration wants citizenship for the invaders, who stole into our country. There has been so much fraud within work visa programs, the agricultural Guest Worker and fabricated paperwork for skilled immigrants who have come here. The 1986 immigration bill has been a failure, but not because it’s—BROKEN–but because the laws were never enforced.

    The laws enacted, were intentionally made to be broken, underfunded still leaving access to cheap labor for Republicans and more votes for liberals and Democrats; legal or illegal. Ted Kennedy played on the sympathy of American Society, when he ardently promised in 1986, that there would never be another–AMNESTY. E-Verify was nearly killed by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Secure Communities is not mandatory and the true 2006 Secure Fence Act, less than a 6 months later Texas Republican Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn pushed for “flexibility to choose other options instead of fencing, if needed.” Politicians obdurately vowed to keep America safe. The law specifically called for “at least 2 layers of reinforced fencing, topped with concertina barbed razor wire with the installation of additional physical barriers, patrol roads, lighting, cameras and sensors” at five exact areas of border totaling approximately 700 miles.

    The revolution that is the TEA PARTY promises no citizenship for illegal aliens, or any of the clandestine Amnesties of which there has been six since 2004. The Tea Party leadership will vote out Pro-Amnesty law, which includes Sanctuary City ordinances and push in opposition to such bills as the dream Act, Chain Migration and any Immigration reform bills. US Senator Rand Paul, a TEA PARTY activist in a letter to me opposes any citizenship for illegal aliens. He also said, “He didn’t think American taxpayers should be forced to pay for welfare, medical care or other expenses. If you are legally arrived in America you have an opportunity to join the TEA PARTY, as they are awaiting you to stop more of your taxes being taken to pay for illegal aliens. So much more interesting facts to be found at NumbersUSA, that connects you with the truth about the illegal alien invasion.

    Incidentally, if the Guest Worker program enacted under UTAH law is allowed, because as at this moment Czarist Eric Holder has not filed court papers against Arizona; as the man did with the Federal courts. UTAH will find themselves a target for even more economic immigrants, as they hastily leave Arizona and other unwelcoming States. The schools will be beleaguered, and education performance will slip, with emergency rooms will become congested with thousands of foreign nationals without insurance. Utah taxpayers will have to stomach the burden of paying for all these new illegal newcomers.

    Thanks for your interview with the ACLU this morning (May 8), and thanks for covering voices outside the ‘controlled message’ which make up the usual local news coverage. Your work is a valued resource here.

    If the people coming here for a better life do not have the earning potential to AT LEAST pay taxes in the ammont that it costs to educate their children and feed and shelter them, why do we let them in? Send us yuour smart educated immigrants that can contribute to this country. The American people are not against immigration we are against immigration that makes no sense.

    Do we really need to import more poverty when out economy is in the tank?

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