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CityViews 9/21/11: Fares, Routes and UTA

UTA bus on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo: Flickr


Segment 1:

The downtown free fare zone is on the chopping block and changes to TRAX and bus service are causing some commuters heartburn. How will the recent changes mass transit affect you?


  • Gerry Carpenter, UTA spokesman
  • Salt Lake City Councilman Soren Simonsen

Segment 2:

What will the new City Creek development bring to downtown SLC?


  • Linda Wardell, General Manager of City Creek Center
  • Dale Bills, spokesman, City Creek Reserve, Inc.
  • Jason Mathis, Executive Director, Downtown Alliance
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    Proposed new fare structure totally makes sense. People live close to their work places by paying higher amount to live. I’m from Japan where we do have fee structures based on the distance traveled. as you board the bus, you are issued tickets, which you can check against the fee charts displayed in the front of the bus, which change as the bus travel farther.
    One caller mentioned about parking space at trax station. What I’d like to see is bicycle parking areas. We should have more secured bicycle parking at Trax. People drives to Trax station because it is convenient and ususally it’s not that far from your house. You don’t have to wait for the bus, which isn’t always on time. If you have secured bicycle parking, I believe people would ride bike for short distance to the trax station.
    Another thing is Foothill. It is ridiculous to have that much traffic on foothill. Has any study done to see where most of the traffic are originating? I believe they are coming from West and South coming from 215. then Can we have a bus coming from that area to Foothill?
    Thank you.

    From CityView email:

    Listening to your show, can’t call in…

    Free fare is NOT for “poor people.”

    Free fare is to reduce downtown traffic. If the councilman doesn’t
    understand that, why is he on the show?

    UTA is not competing with cars. My commute to work would be 15
    minutes. I can’t afford a car, so I take the bus. It takes over one
    hour to cross town by bus and Trax.

    UTA did not reduce duplicate service. They merely reduced service.
    There are dozens of buses that go to the U, plus Trax from the south
    part of the valley. UTA centers everything around the Multimodal Hub
    downtown. Star network topologies work well, but only if the traffic
    along the various trunks is about equal. In the case of SLC, they are
    emphatically not.

    Distance based fees make sense, but only on distance express service.
    UTA needs to get away from this idea that all neighborhood service
    needs to end up downtown.

    What’s wrong with a couple of free circulator routes downtown? Add
    your regular fares for all local service. Cost the premium distance
    services accordingly. Then you don’t have to mess around with
    confusing people.

    Helge in Salt Lake City

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