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CityViews 10/10/11: UTA & City Creek (rebroadcast)

UTA bus on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. Photo: Flickr


Segment 1:

The downtown free fare zone is on the chopping block and changes to TRAX and bus service are causing some commuters heartburn. How will the recent changes mass transit affect you?


  • Gerry Carpenter, UTA spokesman
  • Salt Lake City Councilman Soren Simonsen

Segment 2:

What will the new City Creek development bring to downtown SLC?


  • Linda Wardell, General Manager of City Creek Center
  • Dale Bills, spokesman, City Creek Reserve, Inc.
  • Jason Mathis, Executive Director, Downtown Alliance
City Views
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    My son rides the UTA to high school, approximately 2 miles. The cost of a student fare is $2.25, which I consider to be very high for such a short ride. I recently rode the bus from SLC to Ogden and as an adult paid the same fare for a much, much longer ride. In addition to charging more for longer trips, the UTA should consider a more significant discount for student riders.


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